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Fixing vertebral misalignments in horses improves the structure of the vertebral column and therefore improves performance. Misalignments of the horse are very common over the saddle area, the lower back and neck. Chiropractic has been shown to help lameness; it increases range of motion, increases energy and is good for overall wellness. Vertebral misalignments can also cause problems for the rider. Ironically, riding can contribute to these problems. Read On...

While approaching the end of my first decade in private practice, I decided to expand my knowledge to include our four (4) legged animals. Don't they need chiropractic care also? They have spinal columns, a spinal cord and peripheral nerves. If we get vertebral misalignments, they must get them also. While getting my certification, my human patients always asked the same few questions. "Hey Doc, how do I know that my horse needs to be adjusted (align the spine)?" I would ask them the same questions. "How do you know that YOU need to be adjusted?" They would respond by saying that they had pain, stiffness, diminished range of motion, lethargy, they were miserable and did not feel good overall. Read More...

Check out this video on a dog who had lower leg paralysis!

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