Reasons That My Animal Needs Chiropractic Care

Dogs, cats and horses benefit from chiropractic.  Here are just some of the reasons why:

-   Refusing to go over jumps

-   Difficulty getting up and down, from a lying position or from the couch

-   "Puppy sitting"; sitting with rear legs off to one side

-   Hip dysplasia "like" symptoms

-   Wanting to jump off of the couch or bed, but knows it is going to hurt and hesitates

-    Decrease in level of performance; laziness

-    Problems of difficulty in executing movements, lethargic

-   Short/uneven strides, dragging feet, stumbling

-   Diagnosed conditions, such as degenerative arthritis

-   Muscle spasms or atrophy

-   Shaking of head, constant ear problems, allergies

-   Sensitivity to touch

-   Wringing or tucking tail

-   Stressful situations

-   Exhibiting pain when taking off or putting on collar or harness

-   Abnormal posture when standing, uneven hips, holding tail to one side

-   Injuries resulting from falls or other activities

-   Facial expression of apprehension or pain

Chiropractic is essential with anyone with a spine to achieve optimal health.  Even animal.  If you see any of these behaviors in your pet, they need chiropractic care>

Important: In order for me to evaluate and treat your pet, I need a referral from your vet.



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