What Is Animal Chiropractic

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM) uses a spring loaded hand tool to release a non-painful impulse to the body, usually in the vetebral area.  This rapid impulse induces a phenomena known as "pre-synaptic inhibition" and interrupts input to the central nervous system from the peripheral pain receptors of the body.  This results in an "adjustment" to the spinal tissues that "resets" the neurological pain input to a lower level.  Tissue relaxation and improved circulation is the result, thereby facilitating comfort, function and healing.  Initially how well this appears to work outwardly depends upon the cause for pain and how long the condition has persisted, but it always has a beneficial effect.  VOM works through mechanisms similar to classic chiropractic manipulation, but without the need for bending and twisting.

Myofascial Release (MFR) involves muscles (myo) and connective tissues (fascia) that can persist long after healing of the initial injury seems complete.  We may observe even subtle changes in posture and gait as a result, but more importantly this also causes microscopic constriction of blood vessels and nerves that travel through these tissues and compromises many cellular functions. Inducing relaxation of myofascial tissues these constrictions allow circulation and nervous tissue to function normally again.  This permits optimal function of the body's own ability to heal itself properly.  MFR is achieved with a vibrating impulse tool that works like a rapid deep tissue massage.


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