Is It Arthritis

Arthritis in Animals

Some studies estimate that at least 20 percent of pet dogs suffer from the crippling pain of arthritis, which can seriously reduce mobility and quality of life. Although the incidence of arthritis tends to increase with age, it can affect animals of any age, breed or size.

If you have arthritis you can explain your symptoms toyour doctor----your pet, however, is not so lucky. An observant pet parent can recognize the signs of an arthritic condition in their animal friend, and help them to obtain relief.

Signs of an arthritic condition

- Limping
- Reluctance to climb stairs
- Falling behind on walks
- Difficulty getting up in the morning or after a nap
- Stiffness several hours after exercise
- Constant licking of a joint
- Personality change
- Loss of appetite
- Worsening of symptoms in cold or rainy weather

The veterinary formula includes several medications that relieve the symptoms of arthritis. The cost of the drugs can be a burden for pet caregivers, and many people worry about the complications that can result in long-term use of the drugs.

Chiropractic is worth consideration as an alternative method to treat joint disorders, arthritis of musculoskeletal disorders suffered by a treasured friend.


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